Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ray the Rockstar! (Part III) concluded. (only for now...)

Shatranj Ke Khiladi!

what a script! the man does it again...hilarious...
a political satire on the waning Mughal Empire (of course it still holds true of the Indian government)...indulgent emperors who were there only to serve as titular heads...and a whole class of courtiers...who were nothing but rent seekers (reminiscent of the indian bureaucracy)...but the movie i guess has proved to be timeless so far...

Amjad Khan was brilliant with his expressions...the pained look right thru the film...and the spontaneous breaking into a song everytime there comes up a serious issue of concern...my personal favourite was when he is holding a private court with his select ministers and is actually wondering where he went wrong as a king..."my subjects still sing my songs...ask the british if they have known of any other king who is as popular among his subjects?"

General Outram who compares Wajid Ali Shah's harem to a military regiment...haha..

and of course sanjeev kumar and sayeed jaffrey as the ministers who have time for nothing else but chess..so much so that there is almost a willing ignorance of the fall of the empire...and the last of the dialogues is too poignant..when jaffrey bemoans the fall of Awadh.." Let's play another round of chess...this time a rapid one...just like the British do..", says Sanjeev kumar..." and when it's dark, we'll go back home... we need the darkness to hide our faces."

the landscapes are brilliant...camera work as usual commendable...my favourite moment...when jafferey cheats by moving kumar's chess piece in his absence and the camera sneaks in from a gap in thw wall to let go of the secret...

but one thing that left me most impressed was the witty script!! brilliant i hope is a word that can complement Ray's genius!


At 8:54 PM, Blogger a big yawn said...


just go through the first couple of posts.. parts there-of I&II

seeking your views..

At 4:34 AM, Blogger a big yawn said...

i have been following your right ups on Ray..
well i am one of his biggest fan, but more of his literature..
i think this part of him was real underplayed..
His whole series on felu da.. and his short stories where a legacy by them self..
they were in bengali of course.. but what pains me is the english translations of the same..
Rabindranath had defined short stories in one of his poetries..
the last line of which actualy meant. a story with a twist in the tail which when u finish you will be longing for more...
rays stories by word matched the definations..
His art was on the lines of metaphysics and supernatural but boy they were good.
to add Ray had genius in his genes..grandson of Upendra Kishore Roy Choudhury .. the actual creator of Goopi Bagha..
Son of Sukumar Ray.. the original Lewis Carol of Indian lit.. ask any bong guy from East rather Cal we ahve grownup with Abol Tabol.. which now is synonymous..to Non Sense...
Hence it was but normal ray was a genius not only film making..but few know that for most of his movies he composed his own music..(apart from Panther Panchali)he was also a script writer..a set designer and at times also a play write..
he was an awesome sketcher..and his pratagonist had to be exactly like the sketch..
that was he dedication of the man
deserved the oscar for Life time acheivement..
he really rocked

And by the way the debate continues/ and sorry i forgot to publish the prequel to the early post that might answer a lot of your queries...

At 6:20 AM, Blogger Vibha said...

hey i loved feluda too...

haven't read too much apart from the feluda series...but ot be honest...ray's movies make me want to learn bengali...really

and we had this whole lecture by Apte Sir on Ray..and boy was it good or what!!


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