Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The power of the Nobel...

so a super-senior (from the batch that will receive their degrees tomorrow) was speaking out her mind to me last night...and thus she spake, " I dunno...I am just not feeling upto it for convocation...we were all so excited that Amartya Sen was coming for our convo...but's just some professor from JNU...i mean the last batch had Abdul Kalam coming ( at this point i was thinking, "but Abdul Kalam goes for most occassions that he is invited to around the country..he is like the most accessible president we have ever had...")

and she continues, "...nobody even knows utsa patnaik..why couldn't they get someone else...i mean this is such a 'one-day in our lifetime thingy'...."

I just smiled and went back to my room to sleep...and i couldn't sleep so i was thinking and thus i thought," it really about having amartya sen over for the convo or is it about having Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen over for the convo? is it about the one guy who changed the way the world rationalised human hunger and deprivation? or is it about having clicked a pic with the Nobel Laureate for your convo, so that the photo dominates your shelf and you can show it off to future generations to come..."

and then i thought about what Amartya Sen himself had to say about winning the Nobel, "It's just a title that overrates my achievements...but it's something that helped me start two trusts in India for education"

and then i fell asleep almost immediately...


At 1:38 AM, Blogger Gaurav said...

It is good that you got one Prof. who must have said something worth.
We got UPSC chairman, he talked about the number of chairs and tables and desks and schools and colleges and students that has increased since independence. We should have used excel to gather the data he talked about. It would have been intresting to do Time Series anlysis using that dataset.
First time in my life I heard a speech consisting of ONLY DATA.
So, be Happy that your JNU Prof came.

At 7:59 PM, Blogger Vibha said...

hahahaha...that would have been one lectuer that i would have remembered all my're awesome man!! and by the way ...i am very happy that Utsa Patnaik came...i wish the others felt that way too..but that doesen't really matter...

At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree vibha dear!!!

At 11:44 AM, Blogger imran ahmad said...

or you can tell your freind
....kuch yadgar-e-shahar-e-sitamgar hi le chale;
ayen hain is gali mein to pathar hi le chale.


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