Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gainfully Employed..

at IGIDR..assisting on a book on Agrarian Crisis in India. so it's back to hours spent in the library collecting data..entering..analysing..writing...etc etc...all week holidays...from 9am till 7pm...but i am not complaining..generally a continuation of my efforts last year at trying to analyse the media reportage of farmers' suicides in Maharashtra...we are trying to build up from there to the national level...

but the coolest thing about the whole affair is that Tech Retard vibster is now learning a new econometric software..and is currently in the process of extracting data from the National Sample Survey 59th round to make it more analyse'able' i love jargon feeling mighty cool...
p.s this one's for shreya...sometimes just a hard hitting.."Where the f have you been? write babe write" helps..hence the post.


At 8:08 AM, Blogger shreya said...

Glad to be of assistance!


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