Wednesday, February 15, 2006

so saved up some money...maaroed some emotional drama with the flowers guy and got a little colourful spray of flowers...for a little less than the usual price one would have to pay...yesterday...

and then went to wish him Happy Birthday!! spread the word around and organised a surprise party...and he sat there much like a little school boy...piled up all his gifts on the dinner table...(te flowersi got him were quickly placed in a vase) and as we sat and talked...he was quick enough to click a pic of all of us...and then we talked of bombay, of memories from IGIDR, of the sea in Goa and if it had an international airport...and of discussions in class...and as the rest of the class trooped in with cake and more gifts ...he was quite flustered..."'s never happened here before and...i think i know whom to blame.."he said looking at me with a broken smile..."of course" I quipped...and then we sang for him...made him blow out the candle...cut the cake...completely embarassed him...

and as we all trooped out...his wife called me aside and said softly, " thank's quite know he has been upset for the last two months..."

here's to all those brilliant classes in economic's to someone who taught me how to argue and reason rigorously...Here's to someone who made my life a little more delightful here in Pune..

anyway a confirmed second semester student now..cleared my first sem...and best of all i cleared math...finally!!


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who u talking about here?


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