Monday, February 27, 2006

so turned 24 today!

am 24...
feel 40..
look 18... ( ok fine 20...)

can life get any better? (or worse?)


At 7:52 AM, Blogger shreya said...

Happy Birthday!!

C'mon...twenty three is over! That age when nothing quite happens, and nothing quite does not happen...

As is obvious, still am not over this whole twenty three business...


At 11:04 PM, Blogger imran ahmad said...

There is nothing much that I can say for someone like you other than pray that in your life you come across people who are as wonderful as you are and may life treat you as sweetly and as kindly as you think of others.
Here's wishing you all the best in life.

At 2:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey vibha. wishing u a very happy birthday,, u dont know me and i am sure dont want to as well after reading in what i want to say to u .. the thing is that even if u are only 24 (or that u say u are.. i am sure u are more than that)u behave as if u have seen all that is there to be seen under the sun.. i have read ur blogs and the way u have appreciated the life at gokhale is beyond me.. not quite understanding that what is it that got u here and what is it that wants u to go out of this place.. i am an ex gokhaleite myself and all that i want to say is that i have never seen a more happenin place than gokhale.. u might as well guess that i was from the hostel only.. lets say the boys hostel not to say that i am a guy.. i am a girl who spent her whole two years in that chanakya building....

its ur outlook towards the people that u maintain ,might be the culprit in all this and i would request that when u are in it.. do not write anything abt about that place.. it has been home away from home for many people. to be more frank many students have taken the hostel to be home and not wanting to go back at all... as regards the insti.. it has been the coolest place to hang about.. lots of fond memories pop up and, at least i do not want to part with them....

open ur eyes and see the group of ppl who really seem to be enjoying the place every moment they spend there.. gokhale will welcome u with open arms then...

all the best..u can hate me for this .. i have no issues..

At 2:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. Spent quite sometime reading up your blogs, not because they are well written, but to look up all things you have written about Gokhale.

I realized, a bit too late, that there is not one thing in favour of Gokhale. I could kick myself for having read the blogs of a person who does like Gokhale or I could have replied back to the blog in form of a comment and expressed my exact opinion about the person who does not like Gokhale.

Guess what... I opted for the second choice.

There is a person before me who writes that you should open your eyes and see the good things around you and Gokhale will accept you. I differ a bit from this optimistic opinion. I think Gokhale has shunned you... disowned you long before you realized it. You hate Gokhale and keep wanting to go back to Mumbai (Bombay) because Gokhale has vowed to throw you out.

Somehow you not liking Gokhale is good. Gokhale is meant for good people. If anybody and everybody started liking Gokhale, and hence coming there, it might not remain as nice a place. I cannot think of even one thing about Gokhale which I do not quite like. But then after reading these blogs of yours... there is one thing after all

At 5:57 AM, Anonymous Prathamesh said...

Hey belated happy bday!

At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, read your blogs and also some of the comments written by my friends/gokhalites.

Gokhale has meant a lot for me and my batch mates. I had enjoyed those two years throughly. I still miss Mama's food ( you would not have had his food as he was kicked out this year), the TV room, the badiminton court, Touche,Kokpa, chaitanya,the tapri and the list goes on.
The peroson i miss the most is anjali mam, one of the sweetest i have ever met. I small suggestion, if keep staring at the worl from your eyes. There will be very few things that you will like or will enjoy. Open your eyes and the heart try to see things from other angles as well. And trust me there are lot of things that yoyu are missing at the moment. I think its still not late, go out and enjoy. If you dont enjoy your 2 years in gokhale you will really miss a lot. Anyways accept the fact that you have to spend 2 years in gokhale, live it to the fullest man, rather than cribbing every day. My personal feeling is only loosers keep cribing, the others will say f**k the world i am going to have a ball.
Any ways. Hope you will have a great year a head. Stop cribbing and go have a blast. one suggestion, are you aware of this place called apache on FC. If you are not aware, please go and check it out right now.

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday VIVA.. i think u need that.
well when we were in gokhale the politics term was used for the girls hostel inmates like your self..
if u need to criticise gokhale do it in the notice board..not through these blog...
any way were no JNU reject or DSE reject.. as u from xaviers and like mumbai.. i city i hate like no tomorrow.. well where cal and delhi metro rocks mumbai locals sucks.. any way as a fergussonian i loved pune.. but pune for you will be BMCC rd.. what else expect from your batch.. any way i never thought gokhale was parochial but politicians like you create linguistic and regional barriers...the panju jokes of yours of real bad test i see.

well u must think u are one intellectual person but what can u expect from an iyer .

well i am using the right conferred to me by the indian constitution through article 24 for of the chapter 3 you can check out what that means
by i think i am well within my rights

some times i think were u kicked out of IGIDR???

At 10:00 AM, Blogger shreya said...

You know what guys?

I think its in real bad "test" to be so god damned verbose and "forget" to leave your name. At least "Viva" doesn't hide behind the ridiculous pseudonym of anonoymous!!!

Wish you guys had half the frankness she did.

Grow up.
Lay off.

At 9:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my dear shreya.. whosoever u are.. i am the first person who has been labelled anonymous out there..and there are other comments that have followed.. well if u are talkin about growing up ..lets see now who is the one who needs to know more about that.. us or vibha.. the thing is that i really do not think that vibha has all the gutts to come out in the open and bitch about that place in front of her batch mates or the seniors for that matter.. the fact is that miss vibha iyer has been quite an escapist and she has been putting up blogs to convey her feelings.. dont u think these are the kind of people whom we shall call COWARDS!!

another thing.. if vibha is the one who has issues regarding it .. hwy does she not bother replying.. and who the hell are u to come up with comments regarding gokhale and cursing us , people who have grown with that place and have known how to respect a place and love it... and not one of those crowds where each and every person looks out for some secret outlet to vent their feelings.. i hope u undrestood what i said.. only if vibha is ready to come out in the open and talk about gokhale .. trust me none of us will have any problems to disclose our names.. By the way vibha iyer.. that is one thing that gokhale gives u, apart from many other things. You can believe in blissfull ignorance but we like to sort out things in the open..

At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since we are criticising spellings as much as we are criticising Viva, let me be a little more bad in "test" and leave another message under the ridiculous pseudonym of anon'o'ymous... Miss Annoying.

I wish we had half the frankness Viva did. I am sorry I am not revealing my identity. I truly am. To make up for it I will be brutally frank about what I thought about the blogs. I thought the blogs were horrendous. Not only do they "try" to put down Gokhale, they are also very badly written. They are not entertaining in the least. They are hardly blogs. And don't you say now "But you read all of them". I read all of them not to intellectually stimulate myself but to give myself the opportunity to criticise bad writing and exercise my right to speak up.

Viva, may god bless you for putting up the blogs. And all you anonymous people out there... all of you rock!!

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well all gokhaleites it seems VIVA has caught up..
any way the only thing miss iyer propagates is hypocrisy ,
she quits igidr to come to our beloved GIPE and then she cribs on .. it turns her in to a goat.. or a croc even a bich.. if she hates it so much why doesnt she quit...
be cause she is an escapist , she knows she will not be able to go to a better place..
well she is defining economics in her own way..

unlimited desires credo..

viva in fergusson we had a term


thats what u are

At 9:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oopps i missed the t in bitch yaar..
that makes me an uncool gokhaleite



At 9:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well guys my fellow gokhaleites and fergussonians,
give this girl a break...
for all you know she might be away from home for the first time , might be missing home, fam,ily, igidr etc etc etc..

she might have a problem with the pune life style.. dont you get the point she is a xavierite from the financial capital of India

Well i wont go anonym as my juniors and batchmates have gone

i am Abhigyan..

born in the cultural capital of india.( its calcutta just in case u didnt know) stayed in bombay for three years bandra to be precise. studied in pune for 5 yrs.. and now working in the national capital..

personally i prefer the national capital and the cultural capital to the financial capital.. but then heart is where the home is..

you we gokhaleites have a problem with hypocrisy (as some one had mentioned earlier) , braggers, and ppl from igidr...

well unfortunately you have all the three qualification.

some one had mentioned abt ch-3 articles 21-24..

as far i remember that was right to freedom.
freedom of speech is 22 may be..
which has a sub clause , try not to hurt others feelings

well honestly you have done so

posting comments about your fellow batchmates the way u have..
ill ask u think again

do u suffer from infiriority complex???

At 10:22 PM, Blogger schazeb kohari said...

hi dear Annonymous commentors,
please accept a hug from my side. You guys remind me of some of my childhood friends and parlimentarians, who dont have a balls to defy the logic behind an idea and so you go throwing stones at the guy who has one. and obviouisly you don t have the "gutts" to do this on a one to one basis, so you guys just connive and leave comments as anno..... heheheh.... sincerely hoping you guys grow up one day. gotta take a shower after that hug you see....

At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi. was just checking out some blogs, and i read ur latest update. hence, wanted to wish u a happy birthday.

p.s. - r u from ACJ?

At 1:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Defy logic behind an idea??? Why should one do that unless the logic is absolutely contorted and wrong? Now having the balls does not mean speaking your mind about something absolutely perfect in the first place.

I know we lack the guts to speak our mind face to face. But I am really sorry Schazeb Kohari, but we were not given an opportunity to do that. The day Ms Viva decides to speak against Gokhale on a one to one basis she will be wrung dry of things to say against Gokhale on a one to one basis.

Till she employs the loser method, which signifies strongly of that of a coward, she will face balls'less' and guts'less' anonymous comments.

At 2:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well mister schazeb kohari.. hope u are done with ur bath.. well i am a proud guts'less' anonunymous commentors.. the reason for ur bath i understand now.. see its very simple .. if all of us give a hug to u then u might start stinkin.. stinkin of frankness.. well in that case u better have an extensive one.. frankness is something that i have realised is alien to all u guys..see u soon..

At 4:51 AM, Anonymous Sanyam said...

hey you,

here'z wishing you a belated happy b'day........

Keep being the sweet lady that you are...


At 4:59 AM, Blogger schazeb kohari said...

you are still on her blog aren't you?

At 6:08 AM, Blogger Padma said...

The kind of outrage being expressed here would be justified had Vibha resorted to using any public medium, say a newspaper she worked for, to express her views on GIPE.But this happens to be her blog- her online journal and she has every right to use it to express her views.There are zillions of blogs out there that speak against your city, country, school or whatever else that you may consider dear to you and a lot of them express their views as if they were established facts.You cannot ask all of them to change their opinion simply because you disagree with them. Do note that in every one of her posts, Vibha has made it clear that she is expressing her views or is reporting incidents as seen through her eyes. It is not for others to decide how she should feel about GIPE since nobody else knows what the experience of being there has been like for her.

At 6:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

she still is in a public domain

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

padda, we know how gokhale makes us feel
thats the way u pronounce your name in bong
just in case u thought it was a typo
any way it is her blog agreed
the section comment is for others to express their views, and any way we are doin that

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Vibha said...

thanks for the good wishes...

yes i am from acj..and i was one among the few who dared to speak up against the place...and we changed the way things worked...and the place is so much better now..

thanks for the are one of the sweetest people i have met..will treasure that forever...

to all the anonymous commentators!
would love it if u elevated your arguments beyond name calling...

At 9:16 AM, Blogger Vibha said...

shreya and schazeb!
love you guys till the end of the world and back! i owe you guys one!

thanks for all the support...made me smile!


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