Sunday, May 25, 2003

went for that MCC party. i had the most wonderful conversation with Larry Pinkham, the good ol' dean of ACJ. N. Ram the host was visibly uncomfortable at having so many people to play host to. Mariam Ram said, "there are a lot of kids these days smoking, and we don't even seem to notice. Smoking is so passe." Ravichadran wanted me to haev an opinion on that. Sadanand Menon was pissed with me coz i dared to call Akhila "nice". that word according to him shows lack of a vocabulary. Hence, Akhila is "gorgeous". Krishna Ananth was the most happening guy at the party. Call it bias or whatever else. Patnaik made sure that she was in every snap at the party. ample muscle power in display in the process.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

today a faculty member called out to me and asked me to spread the word around about thedress code for the happening party in MCC. "No round necklines or rubber slippers allowed" No prizes for guessing why she chose me to do the job.

today a faculty member called out to me and asked me to spread the word around about thedress code for the happening party in MCC. "No round necklines or rubber slippers allowed" No prizes for guessing why she chose me to do the job.

Today undeniably qualifies to be the worst day of my life this month. (oops... does that let u know what my life is actually like??) well, start out with great enthusiasm on a hoardigns story about how the the right to license hoardings in the city has been transferred from the Corporation Commissioner to the Collector. but apparently the Government Order hasn't reached the Collectorate, so he refused to comment. not too much of a disappointment considering that i had to wait for just about an hour to hear that. @#$$%^^ (censored)..and then i dunno why i even allow this to happen to me. followed BBC instructions and listened to a colleague and went to the beach to catch up on the auto strike story. according to her they were all lined up in scores. well obviously there was a slight case fo myopia or maybe it's the heat that finally got to her brain. u can guess what i saw from the preceeding description of my colleague.
well, the only nice thing to happen to me today was that i attended krishna Ananth's lecture. What a man!!

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Productivity is at its lowest, with a contribution of about 100 words a day towards my dissertation. people are getting too sentimental over the year coming to an end, so much so that N. Ram (yeah the socialist loaded with fancy gadgets that make Patnaik drool) (also famous for being Robin Hood of Chennai as a member of SFI and feeding the poor by raiding a granary.) is actually throwing us a party at madras cricket club. (the same place where kids, ayahs and other menials have to enter from the back door, where u need backscratchers to scratch ur back and where u get thrown out if u aren't "decently dressed") u dont call out to the waiters or refer to them as "Sir" as we do in the south but ring bells to address much for equality, so much for being humble much for our chance to hobnob with the glitterati of chennai. please note i am very thrilled. whoever thought i will actually have a social life in Chennai. my roomies are actually panicking about dressing up for the party and have started ransacking their cupboards for formal wear. as for me i think i need a crash course at a finishing school to seek entry into the hallowed MCC. speaking about MCC please note the cricket club in Mumbai did not allow women members to vote until recently when Nandini Sardesai, mother of Rajdeep Sardesai strained her vocal chords (and got quoted in Bombay Times) and demanded for equal rights for women.

i saw the most colourful and attractive insects in Anna University, had gone to film Sreeji's PTC. (after 50 takes he finally got it right) the only thing i remember of the insects though is that one minute there were these two insects mating and the next minute they were two"flat" insects. squished beneath Sreeji's tyre. that's life.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Going by my dissertation, I think I am going to be Jayson Blair's (the NYTimes dude who was finally caught plagiarising after an eternity)most competent protege. and if it isn't the stress of meeting one of ACJ's last deadlines, it's going to be sheer boredom that is going to get the better of me. my epitaph will read, " Here lies the bravest of them all, for she gave up her life in the noble cause of proving the notion 'hard work didn't kill anyone'...WRONG!!!"

this QWERTY thingy is going to make me a classy steno...

Monday, May 12, 2003

i am never going to finish this dissertation by the end of this week...mumbai seems a distant illusion that we live on the 14th floor, i can look down from dizzy heights and feel tall ...look at ships sailing away into the horizon and finally disappear...went for a story on lifeguards on Elliots beach..all i found was a shed and a boozard...sreeji found his vox pop victims..two kids who were more interested in the women on the beach than the hike in engineering college fees in the state...i think ice candy is the greatest invention of man...Kanna thinks M.S Swaminathan is no big for the "Green Revolution" doesen't figure in her calendar of significant events in the country.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I am doomed, Lada says I am unpopular in college. how will I live through this humiliation? Maybe i should write poems on existential angst. shit, "I am creep".

Intellectual stimulation is at its highest. Star News did a story on how Bollywood heroes are competing with heroines in baring flesh. And they actually had a director of a film on male strippers saying, "I want women to enjoy as well. I don't want them to feel exploited." All u women libbers, the Messiah has arrived.

Monday, May 05, 2003

well, i am still reeling after that 'happening' party on Saturday night..crap. i notice that all of us who went to Gujurat have had a profound effect on Sreeji altho i must admit it shows in the presence of alcohol in his system. his response to most questions was Naroda Patiya. we have reached the hottest part of the year in Chennai. i am doomed.
watched "everybody says i am fine" on Star Movies which reeked of Page threeism. well I watched the movie in bits and pieces, thanks to my roomies who believe in watching Rahul Dravid with his wife on every channel as many times as they show it and in every possible camera angle there ever was. the responses were highly intellectually stimulating and reflected a keen understanding as well as learned criticisms of the institution of marriage that would make NR swell with pride. "Yuck, she looks so old", to "why did he do this?" but i learnt my lesson, never get in between the TV and a Rahul Dravid fan. u could pay for it with ur life.

Friday, May 02, 2003

well, haven't blogged for a long time, hence decided to oblige my numerous admirers across the world...(I wish). nothing much happening in hot and happenin' Chennai. watched The Diary of Bridget Jones last night..for like the second time..liked it better the first time tho'. finally got my tickets to mumbai done. interning with CNBC. like i have a choice there.

For people who think my life in Chennai is boring, here's something. we are going to have another party in the hostel tonight. (please note the stress on the word 'another'). parents are moving to cuffe parade today. shit i am now a part of that society which i so ridicule all the time...i need to learn how to blow kisses in the air...of course not.

oh yes, i almost forgot, NDTV had Ashis Nandy on The Big Story two days back. they were discussing the politics of using symbols such as lathis, trishuls, and swords.the guy is so calm and composed...meanwhile Star News had a story on sale of soft toys in the city. yay for Ravina Raj Kohli.