Friday, July 02, 2004

so have just signed up for driving lessons...ready to go the Karmegeddon Way...hehe.

d-day fast approaching...can't wait to get over with the jnu results bit. at least i will know where i am headed...

frankly speaking, am not too clear on what i want blog, coz office is the most uninspiring place, and home is ivory tower...

the latest ad for the newspaper that i contribute is compares my newspaper with chutney and vada pav. time to quit.

hopefully dilli door the next blog..that is.

watched 'monster'... the most depressing film ever...deepa and i cried bucketfuls...on our way back home, we stared outside ofour windows, like we were victims of existenial angst. ( to borrow that term from g-string (!))

am really glad that iims have decided to study the social sector. so hopefully not all will end up selling soap. may the tribe of pradyuman kaul grow.