Sunday, June 29, 2003

went to vashi, travelled ticketless in first class, (talk about giving the government competition in cheating). as if dee dee_gogo wasn't enough, roopa now has roopadoopa247 as her new email id..gawd...patnaik behaved as though i was a non entity. but then again that is patnaik for u...

met up with geeks and suhas on sunday. we played scrabble at Barista. I lost. (it's not doing any good for my esteem u know). we reached the conclusion that Barista promotes peeing on the road. $ 9 billion company and no loos in any of their outlets. watched this tiny bawa kid pull out his mother's hair. What fun!! and the dad was consoling the kid, while the distraught mother just haplessly looked on. Ha Ha. Geeks thinks i have become sadistic. he left for Kozhikode today..going the IIM way.

the good looking Leah from college is now working with MTV. Enjoy!!

Saturday, June 28, 2003

big bro's budday yesterday. had yumm chocolate cake...patnaik thinks i am a loser to eat eggless cakes...someone hates my blogspot...well, too much to handle for the day...

Friday, June 27, 2003

cnbc is celebrating its birthday (?) some crap about how they have now become CNBC TV 18, instead of CNBC India. who cares!! the 'reporters' here were cribbing about how they would find it difficult to sign off in their PTCs. like...duh...

so they had this cake and the works to celebrate...and got hyper coz the icing didn't say Happy Birthday CNBC!!

Thursday, June 26, 2003

i have reached the painful conclusion that it is pointless to care for anyone or anything. The more u get attached to something the more it hurts u. sorry for trying to sound like the Enlightened One, and making amiserable attempt at that.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

tarun tejpal replied. but only for an internship. for christ's sake i need a job.
meanwhile. i continue my braindead internship at cnbc. logged some three tapes about Cannes,which by the way was more of a paid holiday than journalism.
some dude was giving crap about how, understanding consumers is like falling in love. God! I don't think i am going to last til the end of the week.

Monday, June 23, 2003

had a peaceful weekend. peaceful as in, didn't fight with anyone at home. met Geeks after a long time. he still makes me laugh. walked around in BPT gardens, my favourite spot was blocked. now BPT has all these barricades around the benches overlooking the sea. apparently, kids and their ignorant parents lean too far and dump themselves into the sea during the monsoons.

we walked back all the way from Regal. discovered colaba woods. must take mum there sometime. Geeks introduced me to his friend as a journalist. ha ha.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

by the way, I did find some work yesterday. went to cover this press conference hosted by Venkiah Naidu. pointless. waste of time. but this is just the first of the many pointless things i guess.
Vijay is soon going to be the Indian p.g. wodehose.

by the way, I did find some work yesterday. went to cover this press conference hosted by Venkiah Naidu. pointless. waste of time. but this is just the first of the many pointless things i guess.
Vijay is soon going to be the Indian p.g. wodehose.

The peon here is the first guy to be speaking to us. i mean he is the only guy to be speaking to us.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Mumbai has just had its bath. nothing has changed. one shower and the city has been caught unawares and thrown completely out of gear. The CNBC office is empty. It's funny, at first people discuss the impact of late rains on the stock markets and then they discuss the impact of excess rains.
reaction at CNBC after the rains. "We have to show floods and all. all the channels are showing it. But we don't have shots of the rain. Arrey, use yesterday's shots. it's ok. Maybe we can show empty offices. but obviously not ours"
as suhas would say, "sab CBD hai"

Thursday, June 19, 2003

The woman sitting next to me, she never smiles. keep making a fool of myself by smiling at her. ther is another woman next to me and her breath stinks. I wish she wouldn't talk as much.

i finally got to logging tapes at cnbc. the first sign of work. logged in a soundbite by Niall Fitzgerald, some big shot at Unilever (I forgot to see his asten) saying that people are increasingly concerned about vigour, vitality and health, and that is why they are going to concentrate on health products. Who cares!!
the next tape had this moron saying that every film is like a baby and needs to nurtured. he was talking about film distribution. the correspondent was this silly hat who was flirting desperately with the moron.

met this ex student of Nalini Rajan. apparently she taught him at MICA. another one of her victims. Conwoman.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

realised on coming back to work that no one missed me at CNBC, not even my chair or comp. got the "oh, she's back" look. no work today. feel like a daily wage labourer with no wages.

Back from the Convocation. Gujarat, Krishna Ananth , Shivani (Ogo Mogo), Priti, some of the best things that happened last year. Priceless moments- Ogo turning around embarassed to see her dad clicking snaps of her on stage, travelling with her on a bus and listening to her childhood stories in Assam, Krishna Ananth and every moment spent in and out of his classes, Priti and her many embarassing moments and comments, sleepless nights spent chatting with Manasi, cycling around Pondicherry with Priti and Deepa all day, breakfast under a tree near the Aurobindo Ashram....
Best decision- decided to make a film every year with Aarthi, Deepa, Priti and Krishna Ananth

Friday, June 13, 2003

Met Rajdeep Sardesai's mum. some people never change. He earns 3 lakhs a month. She told me that.

Well, i know this sounds weird, but I do not want to go to Chennai now. i don't know what to do when i get there. but i do not want to stay in mumbai either. does this fall in the category of existential angst??

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Mumbai is beautiful in the rains! Sigh! Crap! whoever says that is obviously indoors.

went to NDTV to give our CVs. were about to give it to the watchman outiside who behaves like he is going to be interviewing us. and then just in time i met this senior from college. i couldn't remember her name. She didn't remember mine either. thanks to her we got to see what the hallowed interiors of NDTV look like. RED. Red Chairs, red desks, a red hue. looked more like a VIVA music video.
the receptioninst gave us some shit about how they were already overstaffed and are not going to be recruiting for the next one year. Crap!!
and then, suddenly outof nowhere, the Man walks in. saunters in. with his mobile stuck to his ear. Smiling. Srinivasan Jain. hmmm. hmmmm, hmmmm.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
he looks good ok, don't laugh.
i am doomed. i am going to be unemployed for the rest of my life. i wish i could go back to krishna ananth's classes. this blog is a result of boredom, the heights of which CNBC has kindly obliged to reveal to me.

Today's Blog is dedicated to The Great Indian Railways. went and got a duplicate ticket done within ten minutes.TEN MINUTES FLAT!! the staff there went out of their way to help me. i think the heavens above finally decided to be kind to me. Who's complaining?

ok, today has to be the worst day of this week. in fact it better be, coz i can't survive another day like this. i have realised that CNBC is a loser channel with nincompoops as reporters. ther are exceptions of course. thankfully.

the day begins with Patnaik informing me that her wallet was picked on the bus. well, nothing new, except that it had our tickets to mumbai in it. Patnaik, " I don't know how it happened. i am generally very aware about myself." Balls! (she admits this is what her mother would have told her as well)

parvaty and i went about tracing a company showing fluctuations in its share prices over the last month. braved the rain and humidity, unlike the pampered reporters at cnbc who have fancy cars to travel in. went and ofund out that they were a genuine company. came back to update our boss. but all we got was "i think you should wait for Payal (the reporter who is supposed to do the story). now Payal happens to be unwell until the end of the week. so no chance of getting any story there.

i wish i could rewrite Alanis morrisette's song, ironic as Moronic and dedicate it to CNBC.

Monday, June 09, 2003

well what is it with this place? i can hear the wind blowing through the reporters' brains. the best part about CNBC is the life outside it. the kulfi and the sandwiches. patnaik has already started swindling the poor vendors here by not paying for the food. the beginnings of white collared crime. so much for corporate governance.

well, nothing much has happened during the weekend. we came to work on saturday and found out that more than half of CNBC holidays on saturdays. watched a stupid discussion on NDTV on the recent confusion about who is going to lead the BJP in the forthcoming elections. Dad was disugusted. Mum came up with the killer line. "Vajpayee has entered a phase of depression." They don't seem to care too much that I don't have any work at office.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

another day passed today. with me staring at the screen of this magnificient invention called the computer and trying to explore the infinite space that lies beyond it. crap. i am bored. govindraj is happy to have given us two comps and thus keep us occupied. i am sure he thinks we are some five year oplds who can be entertained this way.i hope for my sake he is wrong. but these money control ppl are damn sweet.gave us awesome lunch and stuff for free. we have decided to gag govindraj today, come what may, and tell him our story idea and somehow get him to listen to us. i am sure i could do with a little bit of muscle power from patnaik though. by the way some ignoramus saw me hugging patnaik today. the whole of CNBC thinks i am a lesbian now.

i still hate my new house. we do not have cable. tv for my dad is the last priority. so much for getting whole hearted support in becoming a broadcast journo. the kids in my building talk only in a strange dialect. e.g."you didn't came yesterday." and the parents gloat that their kids can talk in english.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

well, today is officialy my first day at work. yestreday i sat and sat at the Money control desk. in front of a comp luckily. then they finally noticed me. i think the roots and the fungus that had grown were finally beginning to show. parvati and I have been given this assignment to "profile" vanishing companies and finally do a story on a select few. we have been given the liberty to draw the parameters. as of now i am consoling myself by saying that this has all the makings of an Investigative story. Patnaik has been given a fun project as well. she has to research for a three series package on Business Insurance, obviously inspired by the misfortunes of Infosys. (the Phaneesh Murthy - Reka Maximovitch case). Dad was cynically snickering at my new assignment. Mum is convinced that it's dad's IDBI connection cum curse that is at work. (IDBI is almost fighting for survival due to increasing number of sick companies and NPAs).

meanwhile the corporate bitch is still lurking around the place. I will not be surprised if i walk into CNBC and find it taken over by her. so much for not knowing the B of business.

Monday, June 02, 2003

it isnt fair. i am actually missing college when i am in the comforts of home in mumbai, the place i love. well, today was the first day, and we just sat around like orphans waiting to be adopted. No work. can't believe this is actually happening. and no, nobody knows about ACJ, should have realised that long back, when even people on Ellis road didn't know where ACj was. so bascialy we have to promote our college first if we need to get a job. need to keep put a lot of people's ways, if i need to keep my calm. i think it is fate. i always end up working with these corporate bitches kinds. the products of ACj continue to haunt me.

vivin, was actually working overtime, while we went for lunch twice over. these damn engineers, they should be banned from entering media. don't they have their US dreams to pursue??

Sunday, June 01, 2003

well, have reached the elusive mumbai at last. elusive coz i almost thought that i would never make it home considering that i was working until 11:15 a.m. on the 29th. that when my train was at11:45 a.m. the journey was eventful with Vijay constantly editing our sentences and Priti sparign no efforts to sell me off. luckily i made sure i was awake all the time that she was so that no deal was struck. Shivani alias Babushka, alias OgoMogo was the star of the journey with all the passengers taking their turns to have a glimpse of this exotic creation from Kazhiranga, thanks to vijay's description of her being a rare mix of Russian and Assamese origins. Patnaik was upto her antics again by mistaking a fellow traveller who was doc for a scientist. on the way, our trian was also held for an hour up coz a traveller slapped a TC. Patanaik obviously egged on the passenger to hit him some more. finally we reached mumbai and Vijay being the alarmist got the baggage near the door about an hour in advance.

the next day patnaik and i went to CNBC to show our faces and get recognised so that we arent pushed to some corner of the office. discovered a lot of new places on the way to work place. Bicycle Corporation of India (wonder what they do) and the CITU ( is it a calling?? or just an overdose of Krishna Ananth??) workplace was in shambles. apparently they have a severe infrastructure problem. went to NDTV to check out prospects there as well. we were made to stand outside their glass door. we looked like those urchins who stick their noses on the glass and stare at the goings on inside in awe. not much luck there either. they have finished recruiting for a year. Yay for ACJ!! so bascially i think i will have to head for the employment exchage after my convocation and internship.

by the way i hate my new house. its too big for me to comprehend. and too upmarket too. i can't cope with the culture shock. coz converstaion range only from "have u checked out those new hipsters?" to " shit, man, i have to get a facial done."