Saturday, May 22, 2004

so still doing crap like centrespreads on the latest fashion and the my handwriting read on joyee's insistence...the dude thinks i am afraid of taking risks and that i am actually meant for bigger things in life. shibbs thinks i might just become the finance minister, some day. haha. shibbs and handwriting analysts are good for my dwindling self esteem.

went car hunting with pa and his junior from office. these bongs i tell you will take over the world very soon with all their brains. we southies will prove to be no match to them then. coz we are a conservative lot at the end of the day. will always play it safe. will never try the other route.

suhas is now commissioning war ships in Vizag. talk about excitng careers.

am most pleased that dr. manmohan singh is pm. has taken some of the guilt of my shoulders.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

had a huge fight with daddy dearest about the naidu brand of reforms. also argued with mum on why vajpayee is not the best thing to have happened to the country. she thinks i am frustrated.
at times, i feel there are too many things happening in my thoughts are almost's a terrible feeling. you are searching for a grounding, searching for an anchor...something to hold on to.

work is getting more and more depressing. fed up of talking to the same officials and dealing with the same problems like water shortage and bad roads.

my editor is surprised that i plan to study further in the country itself. well, will someone tell her what JNU is???

the latest joke doing the rounds in idbi is that with Govinda winning against ram naik, it will be india dancing from india shining. who said bankers had a good sense of humour?

dad is on car hunt...and the kind of people we come across is too funny. there was this one family which was so emotionally attached to their car that the dude wanted us to keep in touch with them forever and give them yearly reports on the car's performance. god!! i almost thought he was selling his pet dog to us!! well, it takes all kinds of people to make up this world.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

hi there!! in case you thought i had quit ..well, not quite!! work is ok, (in case you were wonderin if i was still gainfully employed) back from a ten day break. preparing for the mother of all exams. JNU!!

my take on the elections...well, am completely disillusioned with the Left. thought they would at least stick to their guns this time!! feel pathetic looking at them bargaining their souls away!!

did my fair share of reporting on politics. interviewed sunil dutt. followed him around for an entire day of his campaign. typical tabloid stuff!!

as for exercising my right to vote, i had to choose between the moron and the fascist!! maybe we really need to get in the 'none of the above' option.

academics calling! i think that is my only route of escape right now, from the horrible world of work.

shibbs continues to amaze me!! (err... i had to put this in it's something called OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)