Thursday, June 24, 2004

hello people!! let's not mistake the's more of an expression of relief, now that the SSC results are out. have tracked down all the local heroes. with pics...the amount of multitasking that we are expected to do is phenomenal. am just two steps short of printing the paper and delivering it to the residents.

shibbs is all set to don the hat of a sub editor. we are hoping to place her as the official mole... haha.

also wrote on the boss' hubby. cool dude. pretty intelligent. not the usual theatre types. "the economics of theatre is a feudal capitalist structure." hmm... i always thought quotes were sacrosanct, but now i have realised otherwise. that entire statement was slashed down to " the economics of theatre is expolitative." obviously 'feudal capitalist structure' was incomprehensible to the deskies!
well, whatever. i am done.

joyee is best when she's drunk..

so we are celebrating 25 years of existence as an organisation, with a t-shirt and a bag..and aletter that says 'thank you for your services' much for being our mai baap!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

it's amazing how much of useless work one can do in a lifetime and pretend to be busy...

here i am totally insulated and ignorant about the rest of the world..totally bothered about my everyday routine...worried about finishing my quota of stories for the week and justwhen i think i am starts all over again...the same damn routine...

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

so, I have realised the importance of having a Plan B at all stages in life. so in case JNU doesent prove to be a reality this year, i am headed out of mumbai anyways. After all i have suhas' premonition to live upto. ( "I see you getting out of mumbai by July").

my life right now is stuck in a 'low lying equilibrium trap'. i need a 'big push' to get out of this. ( please note...i am have been doing too much of eco lately. spoke to J-School prof yesterday.(the theatrical dude) it was like talking to someone who was thinking of one liners all the time.

want to chuck it all up..but too scared to do so. i mean what has life come to...clicking pics of a little kid posing with school paraphernalia and doing stupid features on the latest trends in umbrellas. well, occassionally there is the 'big story', but what's point of it all i ask?

right now Agatha Christie rocks!!