Saturday, April 10, 2004

hmm, with the editor on a sabbatical, the assistant is constantly scurrying aorund like a door mouse. not knowing whether a particular story idea is good enough or no. interacting with sub zero iq levels is making me feel like a moron myself. i have never seen greater dumbing down any place else than the organisation i work for.

error guy thinks i am made for bigger things. most people i know want me to become a lecturer. met up with my old stats prof. he is one of the guys who supports my views about cnbc. and actually curses everytime he sees the channel. haha.

he wants me to teach too. had a blast at his tuitions. i was his 'dear little donkey.'

had the time of my life on the beach with suhas and geo. got conned into sitting on a roller coaster for the first time in my life. nearly fainted. whew.

i wish i could turn back time.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

so, i was appraised. didn't do too badly. great experience being appraised by someone who doesen't know that indians still use kerosene and that Lok Sabha is two different words. humbling experience indeed. "Vibha is shaping up well as a reporter." don't think my editor has been reading my blog. or else i would have been fired the first thing that morning. either that or my editor has a great sense of humour. i'd stil bet on the former.

anyways my job doesen't feel like a journo's job anymore. it's more like i am working for the entertainment industry. "Vibha, get interesting stories, get stories with human interest. get sensational stories."

on a more national front. Rahul Gandhi looks good. if he has read his great grandfather's works, and in some way is influenced by it, there is some hope that he might just be what this country needs. but with morons like Milind Deora surfacing, i dunno where we are headed.

i hope the revolution in office hasn't been nipped in the bud! i don't want to be part of a failed revolution.