Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Just Discovered...

Economic Sociology. a critique of mainstream economics and so far so good.will post more as i finish reading some more.

and also that i can cycle on the roads during peak hour traffic ...went for a film festival all the way to FTII and even to the travel agent to book my tickets...

on life here...well, have to debate on the motion, " This House Believes that Globalisation has diluted unique National Identities" have been asked to make a case against the motion for Pulse 2006. (that's our fest)...opinions welcome.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This Independence Day...

we paved our own way!!
(i know this is coming in late..but still..)

there we were... boys and girls...juniors and seniors...all together..breaking bricks...laying them out..levelling the road...that led us to our hostel.
i think we were fed up of complaining...fed up of waiting for a response. trust me..i never thought this road would get us together..but amazingly it did. and i am proud of it. every time i walk on it..ride on it..look at it. there's no more slush, no more more of people falling and hurting themselves. of course we snubbed the authority responsible for it after we completed the road..but i think we are allowed to have our little joys. which by the way also included a "samosas and chai" treat after we finished the road sponsored by the Girl's hostel! am thrilled!
and then i trekked!! (this one's for somu who fell off the chair laughing when i told her this)

up and down Lohagad..ruins of Shivaji's fort...his treasure house...the little chambers where one could see how the enemy was progressing..trekked past waterfalls, streams and stone laid paths..etc, etc...

but of was tiring..yet came back..played two games of tabletennis...took a long walk after dinner...thinking i am quite fit...hehehe..

then next day my body decided to be honest with legs had decided to rebel for an independent entity status and took me to places i hadn't stepped into torso could only be an unwilling partner, by pure virtue of a technical compulsion of being attached to my i hobbled...and tumbled along the weekend.
the Grand Finale!!
and we did put up a brave front yesterday.were were better prepared than they expected us to be.and we stood strong.together.better late than never!
(cryptic as this one might be, i had to put it down for posterity)