Thursday, July 31, 2003

i am bored to tears. i have played freecell some fifty times over.but it isnt half as fun as playing it in the comp lab in ACJ, making joji feel like a loser each time he challenged me. he hates to admit it, but i am sure i have given him a complex. haha

Drew Carey is the funniest guy ever. I think the world needs more Drew Carries. Now, i wish I had an interesting job like those in the Who's line is it anyway??

Deepa and Manasi came over for lunch yesterday. manasi is leaving for Switzerland tomorrow. Maybe I can get insider information on the agro chemical industry and then use it to screw them. Maybe i am talking crap!!

Went with Mum and Dad to the sae face near my place. Dad as usual kept cribbing that it was too crowded, while Mum and i tried our best to ignore him. well, the sea face is the best part about this locality. but nothign compard to the sea in Pondi. I mean what a trip i had. Patnaik, Deepa and I rented cycles and cycled all day long. Deepa kept banging her cycle into people as far as a km away. haha. by then end of the day, the locals were praying that we went back to wherever we came from. they were swearing in Tamil. calling us 'city morons'. Pondi also has the most muscular Gandhi statue ever. I remeber going to this sparsely inhabited beach in the evening. it was just the three of us and this little fishermen settlement. the sea was so rough. I realised I haven't gotten over my fear of the sea. just like I haven't gotten over a lot of things. Maybe I never will. Maybe I will. Maybe it doesen't matter at all. Because that doesen't prevent life from going on at all.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

finished reading R.K Narayan's autobiography..he remains my fave author. i remember in college we were put in groups and we had to review the works of any author of our choice. and present it in an innovative way. we decided to review Narayan. I was Swami. with a curly wig, dhoti, et al. it was fun. we even had the background score from the televised series of Malgudi Days playing in the background. after the performance somebody thought i had a bright future in theatre and someone else thought i could become stand up comic.

there was another play i did in which i played a 60 year old lady detective called Lali.

well to go on about R.K Narayan. He goes about describing Madras and its kinda fun coz i know all these places and can visualise them. Spur Tank Road..leading to Harrington Road. I remember how i used to hate madras..and then one year down the drain it doesen't seem all that bad a place. i mean i still wouldn't like to live there. but there are somethings that change the way u think. only because some things are.

Friday, July 25, 2003

i went all the way to Bandra yesterday. met up with Nanny again. you know generally , she looks good and all. she was telling me about how i should have been a guy and i would have been such a weirdo then. and that would have added to my non- existent charm.

so i ws returning and i saw the revolving restaurant above The Ambassador. There is a revolving restaurant in Ahmedabad. Asgar Bhai from Chunaarawaz was part of the team that constructed it. Asgar Bhai. he reminds me of my grandad somehow. he was telling us how he can no longer climb upto those heights and build something like that ever again. and the riots have taken away everything that he could call his own. but he was defiant nonetheless.

The revolving restaurant in Mumbai doesent revolve anymore. Maybe it doesent deserve to.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

brother dearest has left to australia. with adequate instructions from me to refrain from joining any Hindu cultural organisation. we used to have fun... sometimes. most of the time we were trying hard to break the generation gap between us and be at the same wavelength. a five year gap between siblings is criminal.

he used to use me as a stooge to boost his ego. there was this one time, when there was this kid in bhubaneshwar (yeah, we lived there too) who was trying to ride a tricycle. so my bro sat me on mine and pushed me from behind so as to compete with the kid and make him look like a loser. brothers..u never know what gives them a kick. i am sure the kid still suffers from a low self esteem. crap!!

there was this other time, when one of my uncles was telling him about how one should always marry within the community and my brother gave him a lecture on gene pool mapping. the uncle needless to say thinks vishal (my brother) is the smartest thing to happen to the family.

i am teaching mum to email. it isn't very amusing. she enjoys hassling me.

well, met tarun tejpal...very good looking i must admit, and still has that "martyr for a lost cause" kida look..but that don't impress me you must have noticed i am trying to sound very cool...ha ha.

well, nothign always maazes me, how although companies can go bankrupt the individual never really is...tejpal in this case is employing O&m to do his advertising campaign for his weekend newspaper Tehelka on weekend. but he doesent have money to pay us. and i have to do something to get him out of "you guys will be interns" phase.

I hope i get paid at least subsistence wages. i mean. i can't ask my dad to pay for me to work for Tehelka.

met srinivasan jain yesterday. he really is very good looking. has this little lisp as well. very endearing one. ndtv is getting screwed by Star and others at city reporting. with Rajdeep blatantly announcing " We are going to cover this city like no one ever has." i am sure this dude is facign a tough time finding hapenning things in mumbai to cover. as for Star they make news even out of soft toys. but all that matters is that ndtv is not hiring at least for the next two or three months.

nanny thinks i do not belong to this century. i am still figuring if that is in some way a compliment.

vijay is as funny as ever. he is going the 'sen-sational' way and writing a novella. he is trying to convince me that he is trying to make the task challenging for himself by writing the book as a girl called mimi who is actually a tomboy. and the character bumbee is actually him in real life. i would not be surprised if he ended up with a confused sexual identity at the end of it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

watched a to lose a guy in 10 days...realised i don't need to watch a movie for crap like that...but nonetheless, watched a movie after a long time...watched it with nanny... the movie was average...but the funniest part was outside the movie..there was this sweet old parsi woman sitting right nex to us...she was quite old...and she would throw up her hands and laugh loudly...she was the cutest thing ever...i wanna be like that when i grow old...laugh loudly and enjoy myself no matter what.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

hmm, haven't blogged in a while..the 24 hour connectivity in college and office helped my blogging skills...haevn't been doing much..went to alpana's house last night for dinner...nanny as usual was the gorgeous one. nothing has changed much...i don't think people change too much, they just undergo a little variation in a while, that's all..

today i found 250 bucks...actually dad found it for me...some prize money that i won in nls bangalore for extempore...some silly topic like "god must have loved stupid people ..he made so many of them!" not too difficult to speak on something like that is it??
so iam supposed to feel like this kid from an Enid Blyton book who gets all excited on getting money from the tooth fairy..except that i had an extremely unimaginative childhood and never believed in tooth fairies and parents made sure i was grounded in reality all the time...except for the occasional indulgence in hindu mythology by ammamma (thast grandma in mal)..or even the occasional 'talking animals' bit when mum used to entertain me during lunch time..but that of course was more of a distraction to get the food in..

nonetheless, i am's good money after all.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

sidey is in town. met him yesterday. i am absolved of my sins. You see, he travelled ticketless too, the only difference being that he got caught.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

went for this kiddo's thread ceremony today. i didn't want to argue on the pointlessness of brahmanic rituals or the evils of brahmanism. my mum didn't look like she wanted hear any of that. as for the kid who went through the rituals, he was quite enjoying himself to be getting all the attention as well as the gifts. so there was nothing that i could do, u see.

patnaik left on more ways than one!!

Thursday, July 03, 2003

killer quote of the day: "It really isn't upto us to be fair" CNBC employee on being told that they need to give everyone a fair chance to defend themselves.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I think i made it a li'l too obvious that I do not like this place (CNBC)..and the wrong person questioned me about it..this correspondent who i think is pretty smart asked me, if we didn't like this place too much..." So u guys don't think much about interning here, do u?"

had a spat with abhimanyu via email, nothing new, the spat that is, he thinks i am a moron or something. good for him.

ok, so looks like finally our story on B School rankings is going somewhere..I mean at least as far as IIT this math prof to give a soundbite...

Patnaik has been branded for life..she has been given the honourable title of MCP- Manufacturer of Consent Patnaik by whole year of tolerating N. Ram put to waste..

Its amazing how we take endless amount of time to do the most insignificant things in cnbc...

today we screened our film, the gujarat one, for the first time to a non- ACJ audience. and what a screening...well, we screened it thrice, well technically at least..those kids are going to have a Gujarat overdose..i hope they don't turn out to be like sreeji or something, remember the episode when he got drunk and the only thing he could say was "Naroda".

well, actually, some kids saw it more than once, thanks to their lec schedules... one kid started crying, (but that of course was the film that touched her, she watched it only once).
i must admit, that this wasn't an intellectually stimulating audience, justa classful of kids, who just think that documentary film making is like a cool career and stuff...and don't care too much about disruption tecniques and stuff...there is this sexy disruption part in the film where, i am tryign to fix a sunset shot and aarthi is telling monica that we have a flat tyre...this manyu- isque kid thought it was funny to say " At the end of it, perhaps you guys were really tyred."

We had to hold back Patnaik from yelling out "MORONS" at the audience.